Metal roofing in Brielle

Homeowners are in the lookout for roofing material that will last long and look beautiful. The average roof needs to be repaired every 10 years, and this can be quite costly. However, metal roofing is quickly gaining popularity due to the long life span and it is low maintenance. There are also numerous colors that you can choose from to match your style. There are a handful of materials that can be used for metal roofing. We offer the best roofing installation and replacement services in Brielle with various options to pick from:

  • Aluminum is very popular because it is lightweight, durable, and it can be used for different styles i.e. shingles, standing seam, tile, and slate profile roof. One of the benefits that makes it popular is that it does not rust. However, it can by hail, and it is more expensive than steel.
  • Galvalume steel is carbon/iron steel that is coated with zinc and aluminum. It is affordable, resistant to corrosion, but it is only available as shingles or standing seam.
  • Galvanized steel comes in most roofing profiles. It is strong and affordable but its lifespan is short.
  • Copper roofing is one of the most beautiful metal roofing but it is quite expensive. Over time, copper roofing develops a blue-green patina that is very beautiful. It also lasts for over 100 years.

Picking an option from all these types of metal roofing can be daunting, but with expert help from our highly qualified professionals, you will be able to pick the best roof for your house based on the price, your house’s design, and your style. Our contractors ensure that your roof is professionally installed for minimal repairs and maintenance. We ensure that you are left with a smile on your face and a roof that you are proud of. Contact us now for metal roofing installation and replacement in Brielle.