Copper roofing in Brielle

Copper roof installation services

You don’t know where and what kind of roof to choose in Brielle, NJ. A modern person can choose from a large number of roofing materials. But among all the possible options, a copper roof is the most durable. Many buildings with copper roofs are hundreds of years old, but the top remains intact and reliable without requiring significant repairs. Although for this quality, you will have to pay an additional amount since the cost of such coverage is several times higher than the rest.

Advantages of copper roofing:

  • The appearance of the roof is beyond doubt. A copper roof has a service life of at least 200 years. At the same time, today, you can find buildings with such a coating already 700 years old.

  • The relatively high price of such a roof fully pays off in 30 years of operation. The material is clean and environmentally friendly. In addition, copper is malleable, which makes it easy to create bends, forming the necessary shape of the roof. And in the end, copper roofing is much cheaper than other materials.

  • The copper roof is easy to install, waterproof and fireproof. Its repair is simple and does not require dismantling a significant part of the structure. In the event of a small hole, it can be tinned directly on the roof, covering the material with enamel or special impregnation. And, of course, not the last place is occupied by the beauty of copper itself, the appearance of which does not change over the years. Such a roof first speaks of the status of the house's owner and emphasizes his well-being. Copper has a fantastic ability to oxidize under the action of oxygen while not losing its strength characteristics. So, for example, the metal, oxidizing, begins to rust and collapse; for copper, this is not typical at all.

  • Patina is a film that is entirely safe for humans and protects the copper from oxidation. The copper roof initially has a reddish-yellow hue. Over time, the color becomes darker, acquiring a bronze tint. Still later, the copper becomes dark brown. After 15 years, the material becomes covered with a patina, and the oxidation process stops.

  • Since copper is a soft material, other roofing elements can be made from the remnants formed when cutting pictures. In this case, such an expensive coating is much more cost-effective, allowing you to make the most of the material without leaving unnecessary residues.

  • Today, technologies make it possible to obtain classically oxidized, patinated, or tinned copper, the color difference. So, for example, patinated copper has a greenish tint, oxidized copper has the usual reddish color, and tinned copper has a dull gray color. There is also lacquered roofing copper, distinguished by a light tone.

Why choose us?

Windows, Roofing, and Siding in Brielle provide technical supervision during the roof's construction. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists - everyone clearly understands the task and does his job. All work on the site is carried out under daily supervision, which monitors the implementation of the agreed plan and informs about the work performed, which guarantees its quality.

We use modern construction technologies, so the performed works meet all quality standards. All specialists have the necessary knowledge, skills, and industrial training in performing high-rise roofing works of any complexity.

Achieving high-quality results is possible thanks to extensive experience in roof construction and repair, as well as the knowledge and expertise of our specialists.

Labor intensity and design, calculation, and installation deadlines are agreed upon with the customer.

Windows, Roofing, and Siding in Brielle will perform roofing work in Brielle, NJ, of any complexity and size promptly.